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Need space for horses, tack, or feed?

Here at Colorado Container Homes we are always exploring avenues in which we can showcase our skills and broaden our offerings for our clients and customers. Constructing with shipping containers is such a fun and diverse process which always inspires us to “think inside the box” with brainstorming new methods, uses, and concepts that our clients and customers will love.

For our next project, we asked friends in the community what they would like to see and also what would make sense for an affordable project that also makes sense for its end use. We received many requests to make a product that could be used on the farm for animals, livestock, or something of the like. This prompted us to create our next base model, a horse corral and tack room. 

We loved the idea of creating a safe, durable structure that could be 100% mobile. The structure is made out of a 20’HC (high cube) container in the size of 20′ x 8′ x 9’6″. We decided to go with a high cube instead of a standard height (8’6″) container to allow extra headspace for any large horses or animals and also additional clearance for storage in the tack room. Since 20’HC’s are harder to come by and are more costly, we decided to take a 40’HC and cut it in half to allow us to keep the product affordable for our customers.

Out of the 20′ of space, 15′ encompasses the corral while 5′ is reserved for the wind and water tight tack room. The tack room is accessible through the double swing doors and is lockable to protect your goods from vandals and theft as well as the elements. The corral has many access points to enable the customer to set up their pen however fits their needs best. The end of the container (8′ x 9’6″) we framed with 4″x2″ metal tubing to reinforce the cut structure of the container and allow a large entryway for a horse with a 8’x4′ swing gate. On the side of the container we cut a 5’x8′ doorway framed with 3″x1″ tubing for easy in and out access from an enclosed pen. On the opposite side of the container we made a 7’x2′ window with 3″x1″ tubing for air circulation but also a vantage point for horses.

The tack room we wanted to keep simple yet functional for individuals to store hay, feed, tools, etc. easily and effortlessly. On each of the swing doors we installed peg boards for easy storage of reins, bits, halters, lead ropes, etc. There is also the option to store tools such as muckrakes, shovels, etc. Along the back wall we installed two 3′ saddle posts and two 4′ shelves for additional storage and organization. To the left we left enough room for storage of hay, enough to stack up to the ceiling if needed. The partition wall is covered on both sides with shiplap to enhance the appearance and emulate the farmhouse style. We consulted with some horse owners and wanted the result to be well though out, intuitive, but not too specific so that the customer could customize their tack room as needed. We hope that horse owners will love and appreciate the work we have put into this product.

Many people may question the animal welfare of creating a shelter out of a metal box. This concern was at the forefront of our efforts while we always want to make sure that our products are not only durable and affordable but also safe. We resolved the issue of heat and stagnant air being an issue by creating the many entry points and window to create the constant circulation of airflow. In addition to this we also cool coated the roof to deflect additional heat from the hot 

summer months. Lastly we gave it a premium paint job on the inside and out for both aesthetics and additional protection.

We are so pleased by the outcome of the project and are overwhelmed with the positive responses we have received through the creation of this unique product. Horse tested and approved! Check out all the images below:

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Horse Container Construction

Equestrian Container Base Model

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