Shipping Container Construction

Multi-Unit Options

Do you need space? Maybe for multiple people or uses?
Colorado Container Homes does not only provide affordable and good quality shipping containers alone, we also to take part in designing an exceptionally beautiful shipping container home of your dreams. We work hand in hand with our clients towards only one goal, Satisfaction !
Building a container home really depends on what suits your needs. It takes a lot of researching and planning to get to your desired result. You will have to consider a lot of factors but at the end of the day, safety and comfort is still the most important thing to consider when building a shipping container Home.

Multi-Unit Model Floor Plan

Jobsite, Rendering & Construction Examples

Custom Shipping Container Homes

Customization Options

Roll-Up Doors


Solar Panels

Rain Catch Systems

Man Doors

Gray Water Systems



Turbine Vents

On & Off Grid Systems

Full Bathrooms

Full Kitchens


Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

And so much more!!!

Need help design help? We're The Experts!